Covid-19… and you run out of wine? (22.01.2021)


Three times a year, we personally supply our customers in Germany, Belgium and in the Netherlands. But how do we handle it in these special times?

We plan to hopefully being able to do personal delivery in upcoming April. In the meantime we will fulfill your orders with the delivery service “dpd”, they are our delivery partner for many years now. So your wine will reach you quickly and safe at your place.

See our  portfolio  and choose among our awarded wines and sparkling. We are sure you will find the perfect wine for a pairing with a delicious dinner, a pleasant evening at home, a gift for friends…

We still do it without an online shop as we love to advice you personally.
Just contact us via phone or e-mail, we are looking forward to our conversation.

Stay safe – bleiben Sie gesund!






The Bernhards on instagram (19.01.2021)


Want to see more closely what we are doing right now?
Follow Petra Bernhard’s little reports on instagram: wein_und_sektgut_bernhard/.






Sekt. We produce sparkling by the traditional method. (20.11.2020)


Have a look into our traditional family sparkling production:






Delivery Schedule – Year End 2020. (18.11.2020)


We will enjoy to personally deliver our great wines and sparkling to your home.

November 18WednesdaySaarbrücken – Kaiserslautern
November 20
November 21
Hamburg – Schleswig-Holstein
November 24TuesdayBonn, Bergheim, Aachen
November 25WednesdayBelgium, Netherlands – South
November 28SaturdayNetherlands – North
December 01TuesdayHeidenheim
December 02WednesdayAllgäu
December 04FridayAugsburg
December 05SaturdayMünchen
December 08TuesdayDarmstadt, Dieburg, Fulda
December 09WednesdayWetzlar, Gießen
Frankfurt – Nord
December 11FridayRuhrgebiet
December 12SaturdaySauerland
December 15
December 16
County Bentheim
December 18
December 19
  Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Pforzheim
upon appointment






2020. Open Door Event Version 2.0 (08.08.2020)


In pair years, we traditionally invite our customers to an open door event at the winery. We present cellars, stocks, vineyards, and, we present the most recent vintage.
Despite the critical situation all over Germany, we were optimistic for the open door event at our winery. And, since infection figures had remarkably dropped down, we were allowed to have the event – in confirmity with the then applicable Covid-19 regulations.

Instead of 2 days, we received small groups of customers during four days. No one was allowed to come more than one time. No overnight stays. And, we and our team had to run the program 4 times instead of 1 time. We enjoyed it, also it was great to have more time for the individual guests. The atmosphere was more “private”. Every guest, thought he or she was lucky to have had this day-out at the winery. And so were we.

No need to mention, that the 2019 wines presented by Hartmut, Petra and Justus Bernhard after dinner were excellent, as always.






Vintage 2018. Hot and cold. (25.09.2018)


In 2018 we started 10 day earlie than usual to pick grapes when they had reached the optimum ripeness. In the first week we had still 30 degress Celsius. Picking grapes is had physical work, uncounted drops of sweat felt to to the ground, we drank uncounted bottles of water.
On day no. 6, the first fall storms came up and broguth thunderstorms that were unusual even for our region in the south-west of Germany. We were lucky and had no damage in the vineyards. Temperature dropped down to normal level and we coninued the harvest at a moderate temperature. Actually, end of September we woke up one morning and had only 4 degrees celsius. The Oechsle scale for 2018 was great. The crop was extremly good in fields with good humidity conditions. However we only got little quantity in fields were we had a lack of water during summer time.






2018. Summer. Heat and Drought. (24.09.2018)


Sonnenbrand auf Weinblatt  

2018 again had a very hot summer. We had no preciptation between May 10th and September 23rd. The few little rain drops that came down were not worth to be mentioned.

Vine roots go deep into the soil, so roots of a certain age survived well heat and drought. Younger roots however showed clear  symptoms of heat. Grapes would dry out to “raisins”. Yellow leaves testified the enormous lack of water, and, brown stains were due to sun burn. The soil showed cracks as large as a human arm and as deep that an elbow would almost disappear.






2018. July. First own Wine. First Gold Medal. (21.07.2018)


Justus erster Wein

Justus presents not just a new type of Scheurebe, he also created his own wine label.

  Justus Bernhard presented himself first in July 2018. He gave us a little report on the making of his first own wine. In Januar 2017, he started to cultivate a vineyard with Scheurebe grape with the appellation Hackenheimer Kirchberg. He was completely free in developing his ideas in the field and in the cellar. The outcome was a dry Scheurebe. This dry, aromatic wine lined up extremely well in the portfolio. It was an outstanding wine, no wonder that it was awarded with a Golden Medal by the chamber of agriculture and viniculture of Rhineland Palatinate – Germany’s wine region no. 1. Since then, Justus’ Scheurebe perfectly defends its position in our portfolio.






2017. Summer. Making of a vintner video. (21.08.2017)


Wine merchants love wine, and, share their passion with wine growers. Our merchants from  Wacky Wines ( in the Netherlands have made a great video showing our winery in action.

Link to the YouTube Video about Ch.W. Bernhard Estate






2017. Spring, Cutting. (21.03.2017)



In early spring, vines have to be cut back.

In 2017, with the first sunshine Hartmut and Vincent assisted Justus Bernhard cutting his Scheurebe vineyard.