Getting prepared for the holidays.


Holzkiste flaschen Jahrgang 2003


Have you already made your choice for wine and sparkling that you want to enjoy with your family and friends? 

Our passion is concentrated on the outstanding quality of our products. Bernhard sparkling is our passion. It is fermented in the bottle and we rack it  by hand.  Click here to see the phases of traditional sparkling at our family-owned winery. 

You get your holiday wine at our winery our you or we deliver via Deutscher Paketdienst DPD parcel service. In most regions we regulary provide free delivery, contact us if you have not yet received information from us. See here for your region:





Bremen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein Aachen, Belgium, the Netherlands Allgäu
Netherlands, north Darmstadt, Dieburg, Frankfurt S-E, Fulda Augsburg
Netherlands, south & Belgium Frankfurt Nord, Wetzlar, Giessen Heidenheim/Brenz
Hannover, Braunschweig, Paderborn Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Pforzheim Munich, Nürnberg
Bentheim Ruhrgebiet  
Berlin Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern  
Dresden, Cottbus