Terms and Conditions, Warranty, Liability, Copyright, Protection of Minors,  Data Protection


Our offering is subject to alteration

Former pricing offerings are void and replaced by the most recently published pricelist.
In case a product is not available we will replace it with another wine of comparable type and quality, unless otherwise specified by you. We take back a wine that you have chosen without prior tasting in case it does not match the your expectations


Shipping units

We deliver wine mainly in boxes of 12 bottles and Sekt (sparkling wine) in boxes of 6 bottles. Orders with a minimum of 24 bottles or an purchasing value of more than 120,00 EUR are free of charge within Germany. We will charge cost for shipment and packaging for orders less than 120,00 EUR or less than 24 bottles. When shipping to other EU States we will charge an expenditure of minimum 0,80 EUR per bottle.


Payment terms

Pricing includes VAT as applicable in Germany. In case of new customers, we reserve the right to only deliver upon pre-payment. In the event of pre-payment you find the banking details on the confirmation of your purchase. In this case the invoiced amount has to be paid to the specified bank account without deductions within 10 days following the date of the confirmation of the delivery. In the event of delivery with invoice, the invoiced amount has to be paid without deductions within 30 days following the invoice date. All merchandise invoiced remains our property until final payment


Legal venue

Legal venue for delivery is D-55546 Frei-Laubersheim, for payment it is D-55545 Bad-Kreuznach. Any purchasing of our products is subject to legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany, CISG (UN convention on contracts for the international sale of goods) is explicitly excluded.


Warranty and liability

We warrant and are liable in accordance with the applicable legal terms. Please note that during the natural fermentation process of wine, wine acid may be crystallized into  potassium bitartrate. Such crystals can precipitate in casks or bottles. A bottle containing these crystals may not be subject to objections or rejection of the purchase.



Information and data on this site is provided carefully and are subject to regular update and verification. We do not warrant that at any time all information and data provided here are complete, correct and up-to-date. This applies mainly to links to other website whether we refer to directly or indirectly. We explicitly deny responsibility for content in text or graphical or any other form presented on such websites. Also we reserve the right to add, modify or remove content on this website at any time without prior notice.



Design, layout, text, graphics, pictures, and any other content on this website are subject to copyright. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, divulge or distribute content of this website, whether in total or in portions.


Protection of minors

When you contact us, please confirm that you are of legal drinking age in the country where this site is accessed. We reserve the right to only provide our products to adults, that have full legal capacity to contract our products (“customers”) and we reserve the right to ask customers to prove their age with an official document. Customers have the obligation to truly state their age, names and address. By submitting an order, customers accept our terms and conditions and confirm that all date provided to us are complete and correct. Customers have the obligation to take care that delivery of our products can be done to themselves or another adult person, thus excluding any minor person from receiving our products.


Data protection

We do not disclose your data to third parties, except for your address data for delivery via courier service providers. We do not collect any personal data by means of our website:  (such as name, Address, phone, e-mail or any other sensitive personal information); we do not use contact forms and do not offer subscriptions to newsletters; we do not offer an online ordering service and we do not use online payment systems, and, we do not use tracking services.
We do not store data of the visitors of this site. However, the hosting provider for our website stores technical required data, we have no influence on this. The hosting provider stores, e.g. your IP address and in log files, once you leave our website your data are automatically anonymized.